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Remote Reboot a Hung Server via Command Prompt

I recently had a remote Hyper-V host that was stuck rebooting. It was still responding to network communication but otherwise was unavailable via RDP. Fortunately, I still had console access via our RMM tool, but I ended up not even needing it! Here are two techniques useful for remotely rebooting a hung server.

Standard Remote Reboot

This often doesn’t work for me, but it’s worth trying first

shutdown /m \\computername /r /f

Remotely Killing winlogon and/or lsass with pskill

Download pskill and install it on a remote machine. Remotely killing the winlogon and/or the lsass process has the effect of immediately bringing the server down. It’s kind of aggressive but often times this is the only way I can get a remote server to reboot.

pskill \\computername winlogon

pskill \\computername lsass

If you guys have any other ideas let me know in the comments and I’ll include them! Thanks.

Need a Dedicated IP on Hostgator Reseller Hosting? You’re going to need to get SSL.

It was actually refreshing to determine it was this easy to get a dedicated IP from Hostgator. I contacted Hostgator because I wanted to move our main domain to a separate IP address than the ones that most of our clients are hosted on. I figured it might help prevent google from thinking we’re running a linkfarm or something¬†unsavory.¬† I have to imagine this can’t be an unusual situation, since many different Web Design and IT Companies have to be hosting a lot of websites in the same IP batch as their main website. But regardless, I figured it’s better to be safe than sorry. Last thing I want is for another site on our IP batch to be compromised, and Google to incorrectly identify a company selling IT Security Consulting services as compromised itself.

I received a quick reply back from Hostgator who pointed me to the two sites, which have slightly conflicting info. The second one is correct.

To summarise, more or less Hostgator has extra IPs, and they used to just sell them for an extra fee. However, now they have to justify their IP usage to ARIN, and the only use that their accepting is SSL certificates.

We elected to have a SSL certificate installed on our domain, after the cost of the certificate, and the Dedicated IP fee, it came out to something like an extra $7/month. Which I think is totally reasonable. So if you’re using Hostgator and you’d like to have each of your cPanels on ¬†different dedicated IPs, order SSL certificates for each of them, and swallow the extra $7/month…or if you can justify it, move to a VPS or Dedicated Server. Personally, I’m of the opinion that SSL is a no brainer for most sites anyway, and Hostgator’s Certificates through comodo are pretty competitively priced.