AutoIT based DDoS Attack on my personal blog

I received several messages saying that my blog was reaching it’s allocated bandwidth. Which I found pretty curious considering this is not a very popular blog. That said, I keep the bandwidth limits set pretty low just to protect myself from an attacker abusing my bandwidth resources. The first time I got the notification, I figured someone must be really excited to read about Litecoin or ergonomic keyboards or something and thought nothing of it.

That said, I logged into view my raw access logs today, and it appears as if a script is being running on dozens of different servers just to perform the lowest speed DDoS of all time. It appears as if this attacker is just trying to slowly eat away at my bandwidth 40k at a time.

AutoIT Bandwidth Attack

This attacker seems really concerned about me sharing the message of Litecoin and Yoga Balls with the world

Every time I block one of the IPs involved in the attack, the attacker seems to have several dozen in IP ranges all over the world. I contacted Hostgator to see if they have any ideas on how to mitigate the abuse. This wouldn’t be surprising as an attack, if it wasn’t for the curious fact this is probably the least exciting blog I can think of!

I’m just going to have to assume someone is very upset that people are using my Litecoin mining guide to mine litecoin. If anyone has any ideas or feedback let me know! I’ll post the IP Addresses in hope that some of their owners will notice that they may have compromised equipment.

IP Addresses causing abuse:

  • This attack took us offline for a few days until I noticed! We’ve developed an effective workaround that will hopefully keep us online!